let me take you flying!

Flight Options

The Adventurer

Riffelberg or Blauherd
170 CHF Per Person
  • Take off altitude 2600m
  • Flight time 15-20 min
  • Popular introductory flight

The Spectacular

Rotenboden or Rothorn
220 CHF Per Person
  • Take off altitude 3100m
  • Flight time 20-25 min
  • Most booked high flight

The Ultimate

Klein Matterhorn
380 CHF Per Person
  • Take off altitude 3800m
  • Flight time 35-40 min
  • Highest take off in Europe

Prices are per person per flight. Travel cost to take off is not included.

Stunning photo & video package is an optional extra cost of 40chf including USB chip.

Cash, all major credit cards and Twint excepted as payments.

Can't wait to fly?

Photo & Video Package
40 CHF

What you will get...

Your pilot Alan will be taking photos and videos from start to finish with the new GoPro. Once you have landed after the flight, you can view the footage on a tablet. You can then purchase the photos & videos including the Micro SD card - the footage can also be quickly uploaded onto your phone if you wish.

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Jenna C
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Best experience ever!!

Paragliding with Alan was a once in a lifetime experience. I was very nervous and he was very calming through the whole thing. He made me feel very safe and explained everything to make me feel more at ease. He even put up with my nervous/excited screamingly on take off. I would thoroughly recommend you to take a flight with Alan. It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had and the views were amazing. You will never see the Swiss Alps in a better way. I will cherish my pictures and memories forever. Thank you Alan.

Date of experience: January 2020

Blair C
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One of the best journey in my life

The flight with Alan today is simply amazing and fun! He is super friendly and professional. Everything is smooth and steady. He told me all about the glaciers as well as the mountains. HE IS THE BEST PILOT IVE EVER MET. In addition, the view is breathtaking up there and is more than words can tell.

Date of experience: May 2019

Ralf S
@Ralf S
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Great experience of paragliding together with Alan

Amazing experience! Alan starts by explaining step-by-step what's going to happen. You feel completely safe and comfortable. Besides having a lot of fun together with Alan, everything went perfect! I would really commend him if you want to go paragliding in Zermatt!

Date of experience: March 2019

Sandy S
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Awesome experience!!

Paraglide jump made for the first time and what an experience that was! I thought it was pretty exciting but Alan is great. He tells you exactly what you must do and what will happen. He is very calm and puts you at ease. Along the way he asks you what you want and what you don't and gives you information about the area. We had a lot of fun. It was amazing!! I can definitely recommend Alan if you want to go paragliding.

Date of experience: March 2019

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Awesome experience!!

I loved paragliding with Alan, he is such a fun guy! His long experience in Paragliding made me feel very safe. I even said yes to the "rollercoaster" as Alan calls it - and loved it!

The view of the Matterhorn and Zermatt during the flight is stunning. Great view, fun pilot, one of the best experiences I ever had.

If I ever get to chance to go back to Zermatt, I will go Paragliding with Alan again for sure!

Date of experience: December 2018



Will I see the Matterhorn?

The Matterhorn is in full view from all take offs and during the flight. Occasionally the clouds may block the view of the mountain. But your pilot tries his best to get the best view of the Matterhorn and its surrounding mountains.

Is it safe?
As any sports it has its small risks. Our pilot is fully trained and licensed by the Swiss paragliding association (SHV). 
Many years of local and international experience guarante the high standards of safety.
Matterhorn Paragliding monitors the weather and wind conditions before every flight to maximize safety. If conditions are not optimal, the flight will be rescheduled or cancelled due to safety reasons.
How does it work?
Once your booking is confirmed, your pilot will meet you at the lift station or your hotel. Your pilot will assist you purchasing the one-way ticket to take off if you dont have a ticket yet. 
From there you will ride the lift to your take off. After a short safety briefing on how to take off, you'll be getting ready with the appropriate equipement. 
After this, a few quicl steps and you'll be in the air.
How long does it take?
Generally from meeting your pilot in town until you land back in Zermatt, it takes around 1 1/2 hours.
What do I need to bring?
The pilot will provide you with a helmet, gloves and a flight suit if required. Please wear mountain boots or training shoes and your own sunglasses. 
Small backpacks are okay if you are already on the mountain - please no heavy or bulky luggage.
How can I book a flight?
You can book a flight with Matterhorn Paragliding in the way that suits you best. You can either fill in the online booking form on this webpage or call / whatsapp (+41 77 489 59 16).
How do I pay?
Matterhorn Paragliding accepts credit card payment, cash (swiss francs, euros, US dollars) or twint. 
Normally a deposit is required to confirm your flight.
What if the weather is bad?
If you already payed and due to weather conditions you can't fly, your money will be fully reimbursed. 
It is recommended to book your flight in the beginning of your stay so there is enough time to reschedule if needed and you get to fly. 
If you are already on take off and the weather / wind changes, sometimes we have to wait a little for the weather / wind / clouds to clear until it is safe to fly. 
Is it scary?
Some people can be intimidated by the take off. If your follow your pilots instructions carefully, there shouldn't be any problems. 
The take offs are from gentle downhill slopes. There is no free fall, no jumping out of airplanes or jumping off cliffs. 
The pilot will explain everything as simply as possible to make you feel comfortable and enjoy the flight.
Am I too old to fly?
No. There is no age restrictions, people from 5 til 70 years old have no problems as long as they can take a few unassisted steps on take off. 
Anyone outside that range may require assistance for take off, which can be arranged. 
Are there any physical limits?
You don't need to be sporty to paraglide, the entire flight is sat down. However for take off you'll be required to take a few quick steps. 
The ideal weight range is between 20-90kg. Up to 110kg is still possible to fly, as long as weather conditions are good. 
How do I buy a voucher?
Once you have decided which flight you would like a voucher for and how many. Just fill in the form below and we will arrange your vouchers and get back to you. Normally we send out the vouchers in the post.
We are 2 people or more. Can we all fly at the same time?

Yes you can. Matterhorn Paragliding works together with FlyZermatt. If you have a group booking, we'll forward your request to FlyZermatt and they will get in touch.

Have another question?

Fill in the form below along with your question and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

About Matterhorn Paragliding

Matterhorn Paragliding is a family run business by Alan and Larissa Kirkbride.
Alan is a swiss trained tandem pilot with over 10 years flying experience in Zermatt and around the world. After flying solo for many years, he decided to follow his dreams and become a tandem pilot in 2013. That way, he could share his passion with other people!
2016 he started his own business – Matterhorn Paragliding.
Alan is originally from York, England and came to Zermatt 2007 where he met his wife Larissa.
Larissa is a local and handles all the admin for Matterhorn Paragliding. She is learning to fly for herself.

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How do I book a flight?
  1. Fill in the online booking form (alternatively whatsapp / call - details see below)
  2. We will get back to you with possible flight options, times and payment
  3. You will receive the final confirmation 3 days prior to your flight

Non SportyOver 70 yearsOver 90 Kg


How do I buy a voucher?
  1. Fill in the online booking form for vouchers
  2. We will get back to you to confirm details
  3. Once we receive payment the personalised voucher will be sent to you in the post